bmoke erotic nft collection

Bmoke is an artistic collection of smoking women in suggestive surroundings and colorful lighting.

A personal vision of how erotic a female body, a cigarette and smoke can be.

Production: photography & video

  • Post-Production software: Adobe / Lr โ€“ Ps โ€“ Pr โ€“ Ae
  • Final file and format: 20ยป clip / FHD / MP4 / 9:16
  • This collection will end when I mint the animated logo / approx 100 Nfts
  • Animated Logo by Marc Marin
  • All models are +21
  • All models pose anonymously


  • 12/08/2021: Start art production
  • 04/12/2022: Create collection landing page on opensea
  • 04/13/2022: Start minting on opensea
  • 04/14/2022: Start Marketing and giveways social media
  • 05/10/2022: Start selling first set of the collection on opensea 

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